The Horde

Orctober just ended, and luckily it as started at the same time I decide to finish an army project « only » six months old. As for many I planned to play Saga Age of Magic with minis I already painted. Sadly game mechanics never leaves you this opportunity, so I got to get back to the brushes (and the credit card to) in order to play my Night Goblins as a horde. Many mounted units are involved in this aggressive board, so I got to raid the second hand market, ended up with this lovely pile of lead.

Some lucky trades bring me to these, nice lads to bounce around and bring mayhem while drinking shroom booze!

You need some War Chariots in order to play a suitable Horde. And what’s most fancy than a Snotlings Pump Wagon. I love this piece since I’ve discovered it in one of my first army book. But I got the feeling it misses a few more brats. Maybe later…

The second War Chariot was made possible after a friend gave me a Beastmen one (I can never thank him enough). After reflexion I wouldn’t put wolves in front, so it wouldn’t took long before thinking of the Squigs. Bumpy ride ahead, even if it’s silly for cave dwellers, the occasion was too good to pass by.

Eight Squig Hoppers got me one point of mounted warriors. I know the bases are a bit tiny for rules purpose, but I don’t plan to play these in tournaments, and I surely can’t afford to put two of each on larger bases. I came back to the basics for the green ones, no surprise here. The Squigs are a bit to orangish in my taste, but it’l do for the time being.

Talking of Squigs, I got lucky enough to find these chaps to lead my army. Skarsnik will be a decent Warlord, and by the addition of a little base, Gobbla will count as a mount so they didn’t stay at the back of the lines.

Another Warboss option was to use Grom the Paunch as a Beast Mounted Warlord. I choose to reduce the size of the carriage (two wolves instead of three) in order to have a regular base. I gave a go at the full red wood on this one, as a mark of status, although the mini is impressive enough.

The banner is an actual piece of fabric with freehand. I tried to magnetize the minis in order to play them on foot with separate bases, but after a few unsuccessful manipulations and a bit of retouch, I got back in line with the glue (maybe I’ll grab another set one day).

Still in order to have more mounted options, I came across this other adorable duo. I know it’s actually a Champion on Giant Spider, but I’ll rank him as a mounted Sorcerer in this army. Since is a bit apart from his cave compagnons, I played with a more desaturate palette. I now would kill to own a full unit of them…

Not sure of it’s utility in a Horde list, but this Doom Diver could act great as a Static War Engine. Surely I wouldn’t paint a 90’s Goblins army without this fella.

So there it is, the Horde of green vermin emerging from the caves. I only miss one Fanatic to play legendary unit of Berzerker, and a Marauder Giant for a Monster, but with close to twenty point, I’m far from playtesting all the possible combinations.

I love the idea from Warcry that Goblins don’t have a single clue how to produce glass bottles, and so they got to stole it from other people. Rather than for magic potions, mine desperately seek it for mushroom beer conservation, and the lack of contenant these days bring them to war, raiding villages in hope to loot as many bottles as they can (without breaking the most of it, which is not as easy as it seem for a freakin drunken green skin!).

With two (almost) complete armies for the Age of Magic, I can now bring new players to Saga. I sure got other plans in order to play new game with old minis, and the pile of lead is always switching up and down these days.

I can also play the chaps in Warcry quite easily, although it came to me that it’s one of the most overpowered faction in the game (even though they don’t look like much). Numeric superiority and some strong profiles combined to really aggressive capacities makes a mortal cocktail in the Eight Points, so I tend to mainly use my Unmade warband. But they surely are a funny pose to play with!

So here it is for green skinz of Orctober, my daily dose of lead. I got some plastic painting ahead, but I’ll get back to old 90’s minis soon.

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7 réflexions sur “The Horde

  1. Oh man, these are fantastic! The nostalgia factor is hitting me straight in the feels 😉
    Some lovely classic models, and the paintjobs are wonderful as well. It’s hard to pick favourites here, but I particularly adore the way you have chosen to pick out the noses (another very classic touch) and the pale, mottled carapace on the giant spider — although, I would definitely give a penny for the latter’s thoughts 😉

    Anyway, brilliant work all around!


    • Thanks a lot pal. Nostalgia is in every part of this project, the Orcs and Goblins army book was my first ever Warhammer book, and I spend hours to gaze at it. This army is made of every miniatures I couldn’t afford while being younger. As for the noses, well they tend to abuse on the liquor. The kind of painting on the spider is close to what I want to do on later projects, so maybe more on this soon…

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