Warcry: sceneries and mobs

So in order to use freshly painted models, I got to bring colors to their environment.

The core box is done (apart from the teams), and luckily it all fit in the cardboard. So this plus the minis, and I got a full game that I can move around by bike!

A Fury Flock quickly done. I tried new idea here, such as http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.com little splatters, but done with black and brown on the base coat. I then played around with transparency of red and black inks, before doing some contrasted edge highlights.

I also remove those tiny daggers, as I don’t like the idea of naked monsters using forged weapons. I see them as feral being haunting the eight points rather than sentient demons.

The Raptoryx pack, painted in three easy steps, base, shade then edge highlights.

A shame each type of monsters comes in six minis group and not height, they would be great units for Saga AoM. Like flying units for the Otherworld.

Now for the sceneries. Those are very nice, even with a quick paintjob.

As usual, it will be of great use for any fantasy settings.

Such as Mordheim, Frostgrave, Rangers of the Shadowdeep and Saga AoM.

Those tiny parts are my favorite, so much to add for ambiance.

And the bell tower. This kit is awesome to play around. Sadly I build it by the book in order to play proper terrain cards for Warcry, but I’d love to to test alternative with three or four sets, so many options to assemble.

Tip, magnetize the the pillorys for easier transportation, and avoid breaking them.

There it is, a game for moving around easily. And for playing easily! The game mechanics grew up far from any other GW systems (as for AoS maybe, but I only have read the ruleset, not actually played it), to be a fun lightly skirmish game, focusing on hit and placement in a fast paced way. Such as Underworld, but in a more narrative approach, and without the super combo building approach (I agree Underworld is a excellent game, only too competitive for me).

So now going back to ye’ ol’ lead pile for some greenskins lovely models from the early 90’s!

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