Rustcry: Iron Golems

In order to play quick games, I wanted to paint another Warcry warband (I mean pure Warcry Chaos band, not one of those overpowered AoS team), but in a relative speedy way. So I took on to bring colors to this Iron Golems, with an extremely corroded approach.

This ended up with only two kinds of surfaces, skin and metal with a strong contrast. I choose to do brown corroded rusty iron, with no traces left of true metal pigments. Then experienced with rust tones and pigment, technic I only used on sceneries. The results was quick as I hoped and quite satisfying (considering the time spent). I used some of recipes for skin or rust, and specially got inspired by the splatter technic, although I’m not doing it at the end of the painting, rather on my base coat, so these tiny spot adds texture under the layers.

The Signifer and the Dominar. I went really heavy on the rusts effects, even though you shouldn’t have that amount between moving pieces.

Two Legionaries, with exta care added to the shields.

Drillmaster and a bolas Legionary formed the chains squad, usually in my Dagger group.

Breacher and Armator, the big guns. I know the dwarf don’t move enough, but I like him keeping objectives and stuff. And having an Ogre is always cool (don’t bother me into using these weird AoS names).

So I wrote this as quick as I paint them, not that much to talk about since there’s only two tones on these guys, and they’re much more of a spare team for my games. Soon I’ll be able to finish the whole core box, so that I can go back to painting Saga armies again…

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