Rustcry: the Unmade

As I try my best not to start to many projects at the same time, there’s always that one last/new/nice system that came up with brilliant promise of fun and (not so) quick paint time involved. Warcry is fun. Give it a go, it’s really fluid, immersive, quick, and on top of it, fun. I can already played my beloved 90´s Night Goblins for a starter, but I also wanted to play a more typical warband. For this game, I could have choose(n) any one, as each of it meet my taste, but I have a tendency to skinny gory dudes this days.

Here the Unmade, kind folks you want around at your party, they always got nice stories to tell about lovely amputation and exquisite flaying. I choose to go with intense rusted metals on pale skins, scorched rags and black leathers completing their outfit. Not sure on how to call them, The Red Nails or simply the Tetanus. Sadly I took pics before adding grass on the bases (and I’m a to lazy bastard to retake them).

I washed the metals with Typhus Corrosion before basing it in Leadbelcher, then applied various redish brown and rusty orange. The skins are based pale grey, shaded a bit darker, then washed with various tones from purple and blue to red and skintone inks, then highlighted close to white. I added extra ink to scars and amputations. The rest is classically done, from black to leathers, nothing special here.

Vicious Awakened Ones. As for every warbands, I love the dynamism of each sculpt. The lack of versatility offers at least beautiful posings. Those two are used to run around, controlling objectives and taking down wounded opponents.

Two others Awakened Ones. The gruesome smile is part of my decision for this team of friendly fellows. I took extra care on is face, starting on bones basis then adding flayed flesh and raw muscle tones by transparency. And boom, who’s in for a kiss!?

The Ascended Ones, the strike force of the pose. You can see they’re elite since they got to wear sandals! And take a look at those lovely meat hooks. I painted the belts skinned faces in the same scheme as the whole bodies, after all it’s their own.

The Joyous Ones, the only modification I did to the team, I upgraded one of the Ascended by putting is back chaos star atop his helm, and adding extra flail to is hook. This way the team cost a perfect 1000 points, and it add extra moves to the compo.

The Blissful One, also winner of handisport last competition in the Eight Points. The other reason I bought this box, this miniature got some really disturbing vibes. I picture him moving jerkingly, waving his scythed arms, fluttering, rattling and waging around, probably laughing or even quiet, in an terrifying way. Plus, he offers me some surface to do checkers! He’s the true power of the team, and I tend to loose him to often as I commit him everywhere it’s needed.

So here’s for a first warband done, now to the sceneries and some other stuffs. Do I got to tell you that I love this game, it succed in everything Kill Team failed, fun and fast paced fight, easy to learn, quick team composition, nice and new mechanics for both gameplay and campaign, everything’s good. So give it a go, you’ll find enjoyment in the chaos wastes (as everything related to chaos I guess)!

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