Metal Elders

In addition to Nids, a got a couple of various periods Eldars hanging around the desk, result for the eternal interest for old lead, which were given away in diverse occasions. That right, none of these were bought, rather offered or traded along the way. And the combination of these lucky finds ended up in this little project!

A full lead Killteam with attitude! I’ve been working on a desatured palette to visually oppose them to my Behemoth previous Killteam. Dirty pale ivory and grayish blue, I want to gave the feel of hardened vets who are on the field for to long. A few colored touches gave some dynamics to the whole, and the helmets received a blue glaze to brighten and focus this point of the minis. I gave them similar bases than my Tyranids, as they’re supposed to meet during next battles.

A Support weapon with operators. I was planning to magnetise the gun but the idea get lost along the work. Those are really nice leather jackets, you space punks!

Some regulars, old school Guardians, lovely sculpts here, but nothing more to say…

Here comes the proto Avengers, wich I’m gonna use as basics Guardians, but one of them will probably take the leadership of the team. Those helmet where really nice to work on, and these are really fine poses for monobloc figures.

Later Dire Avengers. I always love all Aspects Warriors. I gave them a classic scheme by extending the blue to the armor, so they stand aside from the team while keeping the same tonality.

Finally some Scouts, death from far away. I took time considering some camouflage on the coats, but I ended up using this gray blue to keep them as part of the team, as the visual cohesion is one of my OCDs when I come to paint teams.

One more little team before some bigger project, I really enjoy the format of Killteam, small group of characterful minis, where you can focus on atmosphere and narration. In my head they are survivors of a Tyranids assault, wrecked on the surface of an hostile world and struggling to fight their xenomorphs pursuers.

Next some others pointy ears, but set in a totally different environment, magic will wrote the sagas, before the winter come! See you in fantasy, fellow war chiefs…

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