Good Ol’ Hive Mind

While I go ahead with my schedule of excavating the leadpile, I always find a way to add new projects to the existing ones (apparently it isn’t original at all), even though I’ve stop buying minis for a few month now (acquiring a few oldies via second hand market is really different from ordering the full range of an army in one order). That said, I’ve been dragged into Killteam with best intentions, such as « that’s a perfect occasion to play a new skirmish format with minis I allready own and paint ». Little I know…So I ended up painting these, although I allready got the exact same team from my regular Nids fully painted. But the occasion was too great to bring back this old lead to colors. These models are my first, I mean litteraly, ever. I was maybe around ten or twelve years old when I decide to spend all my pocket money on tiny bits of metal. Discovering Alien saga at the time, I ended up with a few slimy xenomorphs.

So, after twenty years and many layers of poorly splashed paint, I gave them (I hope) their last stripping bath. A few documentation later, I found some pretty inspiration (hail to the holly web!) and go for a variation on Behemoth hive, based on some classical paint scheme. Back to flashy tones, I didn’t spent to much time on this project, but I really enjoy it as it bring back so many memories, mostly about first struggle from early painting exercices.

So by details we got some Termagaunts, not the first ones but those corresponding to the time I get involved with collecting unreasonnable amount of tiny characters (and in fact stashing everything you could grab from trashes to rocks…).

They’re kind of simple but I like them, look at those evil bastards faces! They’re not as creepy as a Nostromo’s intruder (cause of this bright scheme maybe), but they definitely got some vicious beasts vibes.

Now some Hormagaunts, or so called the photographer hell. They’re as tricky to built as they are to capture. These are maybe the most differents sculpts from the range, that’s to bad cause they tend to stand appart from the pack. But I’ve done some of them just in case.

Here’s the elders of the team, more old than middlehammer, early Genestealers. I was planning to work with the ugly plastic ones, then a friend gave me these (in a luckily unrelated coincidence), just in time to hit the brush. I found them way more characterful than their cheap counterparts.

You know you start aging when you’re used to the view of classic « banana » Warriors. Goofy but with style, I’ve been through hard time gathering all these pieces together. I manage to built three of them, but don’t get to choose the equipement. Anyway I’m not here for powerful metagame so that’ll do the work.

Heavy support, better hide your biomasse if you’re not into digestive stuff (hope that didn’t came out wrong).

Who would thought the biggest was the sneakkiest. This is my first mini ever, I remember spending ages carrefuly choosing it at the store, despite having no freackin’ clue about any rules notion, this was purely an aesthetic choice. I guess it’s around his fifth iteration, hopefully the last one. Really love this one, not only for the memories, but it’s truly an awesome sculpt from our lord Goodwyn.

So that’s a good start on the many killteams I plan to bring to life (not all of them old school, I got some fine plastic to use too). Just a good occasion to tell again: do never throw anything away in this hobby, you’ll never know! As for the arrival of the Age of Magic for Saga (a truly great game btw), you can always find purpose for every mini you stach, if you want to. That said I got to go back to the brush, so many other things to start, much more to finish. I got a busy schedule…

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2 réflexions sur “Good Ol’ Hive Mind

  1. Hello,
    Je viens de trouver un lien vers ton blog à partir d’un post Facebook, J’ADORE !
    Je suis dans la même dynamique de monter de la kill Team alors qu’à la base je m’étais dit « oh bah tu joueras avec ce que tu as déjà en 40k » le côté oldies en moins (mes premières figs restent des skinks à l’arc court en plastique…). Au plaisir de se croiser par blog interposé, je vais zyeuter par ici maintenant !


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