Random Encounter n°4

A quick one with this Wood Elves pose, ready to ambush any intruders of their sacred grounds. I’m currently trying to empty as many boxes of old lead as I can (foolish of me), and these old citadels crossed path with my brushes after a friend gave them to me.

Yup, you heard that right, a coworker who learned that I spend most of my free time painting little guys bring me a few shoe boxes full of treasures, remnent of his younger days in rpgs. I’ve found there so many great additions to my heroic fantasy everlasting collection, and ever since I’ve just to grab one of these whenever I don’t know what to paint (Like this could ever happened).But for this batch of pointy ears, no real motivation behind, no purpose for any particular project whatsoever. Just wanted to paint something different at the time. I didn’t really push myself on them, since a don’t get a clue about how, and mostly when they’re about to see a board, but it’s also nice sometimes to paint in a more lighter way.

Anything about Wood Elves as to do with bows, ence this three. I choose not to use only greens and other yellows and browns, but to go with a more old school palette, by adding a few bright reds, and some blue greyish touches.

.Two spearmen, sadly from the same base (but hey, free stuff, so nothing to complain here), they add some variations to the gang weaponry.

And a few close range fighters. The middle one don’t seem to be from the same range, but he’ll came along great. No checkers this time, but triangles for producing a different feel.

And as said before, no one would ever patrol the woods without the equipement allowing you to stab from distance. Swordmen make no exception (although spearmen make me lie, but at least they got tiny ropes (that I forgot to shoot))

So one more little gang for de Dungeon Project. I recon I rush a bit the painting here, but with the spring around the corner I frequently found myself at a café terrace rather than in my workshop. I also just notice (from the pics) that maybe I could defer from my usual bases and add a few grass this time (more for the work to do).

Next time I’ll do better, still with somme old lead, some that I carried around for maybe twenty years. Gotta get back to first love in minis (after lots and lots of stripping).

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