Oath of the Universe

Okay there, lots of new stuff from here. I’m trying to get some better pics by using a tiny lightbox, not easy to get a good hold on that, but hey, as everything it needs practice. Most importantly I’ll now try to wrote my post in english. Not sure I’ll be good at it, I’m a bit afraid of mistakes and misspelling, and mostly not being able to get the same tone as in french. But I’ll give a try.

So here’s comes my latest work. First one to recognize them get a wooden spoon! It’s been a while since I accept a commission, but the idea of this project make me go for it instantly. I’ve recently paint a Skeletor Chaos Sorcerer, so a friend of mine came to this idea of few MOTU barbarians based on the latest Underworld team. Got to be fair to him, it was a really good idea. The plan was to only do the paintjob, no modifications whatsoever. I tried to minimize my contrast for each colors to give this cartoon feel. I’ve think about going full lining but the result seems ok for me just like that.

So here’s for the individual pics. The Sorceress got such a vibrant scheme I’m thinking of reuse it sometimes. Nothing more to say about this one except that this kind of paintjob forces you to downgrade your detailing work, wich really bothered me at this time. Funny how you got to fight against your habits sometimes.

This one was such an enjoyment. He-Man was the easiest to put in colors, everything worked just fine as the paints make they way on him, thanks to his effective color scheme wich is working damn well.

Battlecat in all his pride. Sadly he’s a bit tiny for a giant steroid tiger, but he’ll do the trick. I should have bring more contrast between the green and orange, that’s the kind of problem you sometimes see only after you take a picture (and as many would says « I’ll fix it later » (wich is as good as telling yourself « I’ll finish painting more minis before buying new ones »)).

Teela was one of the quickest paint I ever pulled, not so many parts and details and a simple palette to use. So no more things to say either…

This one got to be my favorite, maybe just cause of this flamboyant mustache! Man at Arms and his strange green suit means business on the board (though I don’t get any idea on how this team works on the board).

The last one is not technically from the MOTU team but from the spin off She-ra Princess of Power. But the occasion was so great to portray Bow, in fact the only bow user of the MOTUverse (and he got a strong mustache too!).

So enough with the muscular gorgeous facial haired men and their flawless long legged friends, now I can go back to some good old lead and make this collection run again. Sorry for the bad english, I’ll try to improve the writing with every articles.

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8 réflexions sur “Oath of the Universe

  1. Okay, wow, so this basically wins the internet today! Just incredible! Or incroyable, if you like! 😉

    Mate, this is brilliant! I am so in love with this idea! It’s also another case of « great minds think alike », because I only just used a GIF of Filmation Skeletor in my post about the HeroQuest chaos warlock 😉

    Two small suggestions, if I may: Bow definitely needs that slightly tacky heart emblem he had in the cartoon somewhere on his chest. And we need a model for Orko ASAP. Oh, and Teela seems to have fallen in with a pretty rough crowd, since last we saw her 😉

    Anyway, again, this is absolutely fantastic! Huge thumbs up! 🙂


    • Well, I don’t really know what to answer except a big thank you pal! I guess Orko could be done quite easily if I look into it. Now the most difficult part is to find a suitable Underworld team to play the evil counterpart, but I guess I’not going to put it as easy as just a paintjob. But who knows…


      • Hm, off the top of my head, I think I’d suggest Garrek’s Reavers?! The guy with the beard already looks slightly similar to Beastman, while one of the helmeted models would make for a pretty convincing Trap-Jaw. Which leaves three more guys as Triklops, Merman and Whiplash?! Of course you would have to sneak Evil-Lyn somehow… And in any case, I think the models would profit from some conversions, as they don’t resemble their chosen characters as much as the Darkoath do. But please create an evil warband as well! I would love to see you tackling a project like that! 🙂


  2. Well an other way to do it maybe to play the same as Mattel, meaning reuse the same models with a simple headswap. I guess this could be done easely for most of them, just got to find a second evil female character to complete the crew.


  3. C’est juste énorme pour un vieux fan des Maîtres de l’Univers comme moi.
    Au premier regard je me suis juste dis « trop fort il a peint son tigre comme Gringer ». Et puis j’ai commencé à regarder le reste de la photo…


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